Every room is understood as a rectangular grid with rows identified by letters (omitting “I” and “O”) and columns identified by numbers. With one exception, rows start with “A” at the front of the room while seats within the rows count from 1 on the left when facing the front. Many rooms do not contain a perfect rectangular array of seats so seats may be missing from the grid. When mapping rooms in the system, an attempt is made to have seats that are one in front of the other use the same number.

The only exception to the orientation is in the PAC Gym. This space consists of two areas, the Main Gym and the Small Gym, but is mapped as a single large area facing towards the north/east side. This means that the “A” seats are those closest to the north/east side of the gym, “Z” seats are those closest to the south/west side of the gym, and seats are numbered starting from 1 at the front of the Main Gym, going up to 27, then continuing in the Small Gym with 28 through 38.

Please note that tablet seats are omitted and spacing is every other seat by default. If you would like to make changes to the settings, please refer to the Editing Sittings page

The PAC is also an exception in room numbering. Instead of the actual room numbers, short codes are used as follows:

Code Rooms Notes
GYM 1105, 1106 Main Gym and Small Gym
AA 3001, 3003, 3004 Activity Area