Open Data Initiative home

Welcome to the home of Open Data at the University of Waterloo. We are a service brought to you by the Information Systems & Technology (IST) department at the University of Waterloo.

Request Data

If we do not serve the data via our API or Dataset repository, request it.

Use Open Data

  1. Go over the Open Data License.
  2. Get your Application Programming Interface (API) key here.
  3. Read the documentation.
  4. See a bug? If it is not a known issuereport it.
  5. Don't have a GitHub account or want a private word with the team? Contact us.

Get Involved!

  1. Join our mailing list.
  2. If we do not serve the data via our API or Dataset repository, request the data set.
  3. Star or Watch our GitHub repositories.
  4. Come to office hours! Every two weeks in Mathematics & Computer Building (MC) 2060 1-3:30 p.m. (except for holidays).
  5. Participate in Hackfests and DemoCamps. Join our mailing list to keep in the loop.
  6. Attend an IST SEW course.