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Pediatric and Special Needs Clinic

The Pediatric and Special Needs Clinic provides primary eye care for infants and children under the age of 8 years of age and for individuals of all ages with special needs who may need a modified examination.

It is important for all children to have an eye examination whether there appears to be a problem or not. Many eye problems cannot be noticed by observing the child. Undetected vision problems may interfere with a child’s visual development and learning. An early eye examination for all children is recommended at the age of 6-9 months. The optometrist will recommend at what interval thereafter, with a typical recommendation being an examination between age 2 and 4 years and then annually after the age of 6 years. Children of any age can be examined at any time if there are concerns.

The Pediatric and Special Needs Clinic provides eye care for individuals of any age with physical and cognitive disabilities. Adults are scheduled separately from the children’s clinics. People with disabilities are more likely to have vision problems, which often go unnoticed. An examination can provide an understanding of visual function for parents, teachers and other carers, and vision correction can be prescribed when appropriate. Both understanding visual function and optimal vision correction are key for development and for the individual to reach their full potential.


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