Convenient access to routine and specialty eye care

We make it easy to care for your eyes. We offer routine eye care at two convenient locations and we are open 6 days a week at the Main Clinic on the University of Waterloo's campus. Plus, if you have specific needs, we can refer you to specialty clinics located right in our Main Clinic — no need to go elsewhere!

We are a teaching facility. At our clinics, you’ll first be seen by an upper-year optometry student. Then your case will be reviewed by one of our highly experienced, registered optometrists, so you can be sure you’re receiving the most thorough care possible.

Routine eye care

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye care and examinations for adults and children over the age of 7

Child and Family Eye Care

Eye care and examinations for infants and young children.

Eye Care for Individuals with Special Needs

Modified eye care for people  of all ages with developmental disabilities.

Specialty eye care

Contact Lens and Myopia Control

Contact lenses for vision correction as well as the management of eye conditions

Ocular Disease and Imaging Service

Treatment of eye diseases, urgent eye care and ophthalmic imaging

Vision Rehabilitation Clinics

Regain independence after vision loss, improve eye-brain coordination, recover visual function after a brain injury or enhance your athletic performance

Optical Services

Eyewear sales and dispensing as well as adjustments and repairs

TLC Laser Clinic

Laser eye surgery