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About the Problem Lab

The Problem Lab is based on the long-held principle that unless a problem is thoroughly understood, it will not be solved, except by accident.

The more important the problem, the more challenging it will be to understand it. We specialize in understanding important problems, the first essential step of disruptive innovation.

The Problem Lab does not become directly involved in the solution of important problems, preferring to leverage the activities of the University’s existing programs, facilities, centres and services.

With Velocity, our primary partner, we offer Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Competitions each term. These competitions provide financial awards to support the research and development efforts of those teams that demonstrate the most thorough understanding of their chosen problem.    

We also have a major partnership with Co-operative Education to support students on their work terms. The Problem Lab also works with the Centre for Career Action, Housing and Residences, the University Library and corporate partners. 

In our resources, workshops, events and competitions, we emphasize the role of careful research by demonstrating how to examine a problem from many different perspectives.

The Problem Lab serves students in all faculties, both undergraduate and graduate, whether they wish to launch entrepreneurial careers or new ventures. Any kind of problem will be accommodated, as will any technology.  The only constraint will be that the problem must be of major significance.