Our methods

Look for important problems, instead of ordinary ones!

There are two reasons to look for important problems.

  1. If you want a great career as an employee in a commercial organization, you will be promoted faster and farther by solving important problems, rather than problems of lesser significance. 

  2. If you want to create a great venture, it is easier to find customers, investors, allies and collaborators by solving important problems. If the problem is important, the customer will want to buy it with little if no persuasion and you can usually charge a premium price.

But aren’t all problems important to someone?

No! Below we outline our methodology for identifying important problems and, as you will see, you can find evidence that allows you to judge importance objectively and dependably.

Of course, any attempt to solve an important problem is always an experiment, and any experiment can fail. But it is always better to proceed with more information, rather than less; always better to create a well-considered experiment, rather than one doomed to fail.

Our methodology