The Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Finalists

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch is nearly here and finalists are ready to present their analysis of important industry problems. After weeks of honing their problem analysis skills, assessing the scope, scale, history, and how current solutions are falling short, six teams secured their spots in the Winter 2022 Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Finals. In addition to secondary research, teams drew upon their own work experiences, backgrounds and interviews with stakeholders to validate the important problems they researched.

Each Finalist will have 5 minutes to pitch their research for online audiences and up to 10 minutes of live Q&A with a panel of judges. Teams are competing for $7,500 in funding to support the research & development of a solution to address the problem they identified. In recognition of all the incredible work they have done, all finalists will receive a minimum of $2,000 to support their R&D.

We are proud to introduce you to the Winter 2022 Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Finalists!

3 cycle team logo

3D printing is an innovative manufacturing technology recently experiencing rapid growth and adoption across major commercial segments, community organizations, and individuals. Despite recent attempts, there doesn't exist a market viable solution to the 7.1 million kilograms of plastic waste created by 3D printing annually.

Aqua-Cell Energy

There is no energy storage technology that is well suited for the storage of renewable electricity, especially in cold climates. Solar energy production has been limited as a result; this especially effects commercial and industrial (C&I) scale solar energy projects.

elpis team logo

 Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury(SCI) encounter numerous impediments to physical activity participation in the post-rehab period, which lead to a series of secondary complications due to the lack of physical activities.

maesos team logo

Pests and diseases are decimating global agricultural crop yields as the current methods to monitor and treat these threats are insufficient.

hydro house team logo

There is no effective long-term energy storage system for northern communities.

task mapper logo

While there are a great number of productivity apps used to manage and increase the productivity of our careers and personal lives, most fail to assess the undeniable emotional loads that come with our tasks. This lack of data representation in these heavily relied on management methods could lead to vast problems in feelings unbalanced, overwhelmed, and eventually burnt out.

Join us in the virtual audience and watch the Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Finals on Tuesday, March 29th @ 5:30pm to see which Finalists walk away with $7,500 in funding.

The Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch Competition is made possible by $300,000 in funding from Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin, principals of Quantum Valley Investments® and founders of Blackberry. 

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