Co-op Problem Award winners

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Every semester, co-op students who conducted an exceptional analysis of a strategic problem affecting one of their co-op employers are awarded a Co-op Problem Award in recognition of their problem analysis skills. The awards from the previous year are presented to students during the Co-op Student of the Year Awards during the winter term.

We congratulate all the Co-op Problem Award winners on their achievements.

2019 Co-op Problem Award winners

charvi choudhary headshot

Charvi Choudhary

Systems Design Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Employer: Fidelity Investments (Canada)
  • Recognized for her analysis of the problem of legacy systems in financial institutions.
  • Explored the financial services industry through analyst and data-related roles at Fidelity Investments and the Royal Bank of Canada.
  • Helped research and develop new tools and technologies to deliver better client experiences, reduce costs, and aid digital transformation.
  • Continues to apply design thinking in identifying important problems in a variety of industries.
  • Has received the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award for community service.

sam muller headshot

Samuel Muller

Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Employer: Velvet Energy Ltd.
  • Conducted an analysis of why there is restricted egress of Albertan oil to global markets. This analysis received the Problem Lab Award.
  • Worked in Canada’s energy sector for 2 consecutive terms at Velvet Energy Ltd. and will be completing a third work term this summer. 
  • Developed a statistical model using machine learning algorithms on oil production and hydraulic fracturing datasets to determine optimal completions strategies. 
  • Has a growing passion for the development of subsurface resources in Canada, with specific intrigue towards the untapped geothermal industry. 

    sharan sankar headshot

    Sharan Sankar

    Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
    Employer: Abnormal Security
    • Recognized for his analysis on the problem of high-recall detection in cybersecurity during his work term at Abnormal Security.
    • Improved Machine Learning model to detect sophisticated email attacks. 
    • Author with over 50 citations.
    • Competed in the Winter 2020 Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch finals.

    mahtab dhaliwal headshot

    Mahtab Dhaliwal

    Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics
    Employer: Natural Resources Canada
    • Worked in the Space Weather Research group’s Geomagnetic Lab at Natural Resources Canada where her work focused on improving forecasting for the geoelectric field.
    • Looks at the collection of physical phenomenons that originate at the sun, interact with the various layers of our atmosphere, and eventually affect activities on earth and in space.
    • Co-published two papers for Hydro Manitoba and Hydro Quebec that discussed models relating the geomagnetic and geoelectric fields.
    • Processed data collected every one-minute, five-second, and one-second over various decades at approximately 20 stations across Canada.

        keyuan wang headshot

        Keyuan Wang

        Science and Business (Biochemistry), Faculty of Science
        Employer: Soochow University
        • Strengthened the oral and listening skills of nearly 400 first year and second year Chinese university students by 50% through teaching 120 hours of compulsory English courses.
        • Innovated the role of foreign language teacher by introducing Canadian students from UW to Chinese students in Soochow university to maximize cross culture interaction.
        • Published first academic research paper in Journal of Higher Education and Social Sciences (CSCanada).
        • Collaborated with Israeli students in Technion Israel Institute of Technology to develop an approved business plan to launch a business abroad.
        • Instituted the Kanban Inventory Management system to improve supply availability at MSW Plastics.
        • Pioneered collaboration between Canadian and Chinese community basketball referees by officiating over 30 standardized games in China with Chinese referees and scorekeepers.