Research Interests

Current Project:

1) Automated construction state estimation

  • Aecon III NSERC CRD, OPG UNENE CRD, Discovery Grant, and scholarships
  • Relative transformations between designed and built objects and systems of objects for rigid and flexible cases
  • Continuous built status analysis and fabrication control



"Graphical abstract of the presented framework. (a) 3D model converted to a point cloud. (b) Cluttered 3D scene. (c) localized model on the scene. (d) found and isolated object from the scene."


2) Electronic Product and Process Management Systems for construction projects

  •  Coreworx, NSERC and CII CRDs
  • Supply chain, knowledge, interface, and change order management
  • IFPs and impact on process compliance and interoperability
  • Process mining
  • BIM+IM


3) Craft worker health and productivity improvement

  • IMU suits, video, wearables, etc. for joint angle sensing, load analysis, risk, etc.
  • Craft worker real time training feedback
  • Process re-engineering


4) Life cycle analysis and adaptive re-use

  • Adaptive re-use of buildings and subsystems
  • Component re-use marketplace

5) Strategic planning for water/sewer infrastructure

6) Construction robotics

7) Construction productivity improvement

8) Captial projects complexity and risk management



Former Projects:

1) Automated 3-D Reconstruction using Laser Scanning and Photogrammatery 
2) Augmenting the Capabilities of EPPM Systems
3) Construction Productivity Analysis 
Below each of these three thrusts is described in detail.


Automated 3-D Reconstruction using Laser Scanning and Photogrammatery


The automated 3D reconstruction team works to make advances in construction project state estimating and real time 3D modeling via new sensing, data fusion and modeling methods. These tools will ultimately facilitate improved safety, effortless productivity tracking, real-time decision support, and advanced project knowledge management capabilities. In simple terms, they will help to get better information faster so constructors can make better decisions faster. This will improve productivity, quality and safety.


Augmenting the Capabilities of EPPM Systems

In a paradigm shift for business, project processes are increasingly being delivered remotely and linked via the internet, thus minimizing response time, mazimizing choice and creating a semantic temporal web of project data that can be exploited to automate processes, manage knowledge and assure project quality. Electronic Product and Process Modeling Systems are used in the construction industry to enable this shift. THere are four key research sub-thrusts being explored:
- Improving Supply Chain Nexus Management
- Identifying Risk through Interface Management
- Knowledge Discovery
- Automation of Change Management


Construction Productivity Analysis


This research thrust involves the sustainability of the human capital that underpins our infrastructure systems. A critical skilled construction labour shortage exists in Canada and in the US. To respond, we are developing strategies such as multi-skilling, more complete human resource management systems, and optimization for return on investment in training. The article linked to below (click on the image to read the full article) describes one such project in collaboration with an industry partner.