My Teaching

Image Not AvailDepending upon the year and term, I can be found teaching undergraduate or grad courses in the School of Publie Health Sciences or in the School of Computer Science. My background as an academic accountant with extensive industry experience provides me with rich insights from the real world that I enjoy bringing into the classroom.

For both online and classroom courses, I'm a passionate advocate for experiential learning and student engagement.  The Masters course I lead in management and administration is completely learner-focused without any traditional "lectures" and focuses heavily on developing root-cause analysis skills. Our courses on security and privacy are rich with contemporary examples of security and privacy issues. If you are a Waterloo student checking out this page because you are thinking of taking a course I'm leading, come prepared to participate.

Courses with which I'm currently involved include:

HLTH609 - Management and Administration of Public Health Services

HLTH637 - Public Health Informatics

HLTH373 - Disaster & Emergency Management

CS634 - Security and Privacy in Health Systems

CS456 - Computer Security and Privacy (and its graduate version - CS656)

For many years I taught Management Control, Consultancy Practices, Accounting Information Systems and Management Information Systems courses.  I've also had the pleasure of teaching management accounting and financial accounting courses in Waterloo's Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) degree program.

I'm a keen believer in the value of bringing emerging ideas in management and systems thinking to the field and have contributed to educational programs offered by the Institute of Canadian Bankers, the Canadian Medical Association, and the University of Toronto.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of working in a number of international settings and taught regularly at the European Summer School for Advanced Management in Denmark.