My Research

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I work in the fields of information management and systems assurance (cybersecurity focus) with a particular interest in mission-critical systems used in regulated sectors such as banking/finance, transport and health.

For many years I focused on financial performance measurement systems and had the pleasure of helping to lead the Ontario Hospital Report - one of the largest, longnitudinal, publicly available hospital performance reporting systems developed in the world. The Health Systems Performance Research Network grew out of the Ontario Hospital Report Project and champions excellent research in this area today.  My interest in funding models, performance measurement, and healthcare information system reporting structures (such as the MIS Standards in Canada) remains strong. 

In the past few years I've become increasingly interested in how to design and assess mechanisms to ensure the operational continuity of mission-critical information systems through the use of comprehensive controls and effective incident response strategies.

My joint appointment to both Computer Science and the University's School of Public Health Sciences enables me to explore these issues from a disaster planning viewpoint (e.g, emergency planning and response), from a public health viewpoint (such as  how to maintain system functionality during a pandemic outbreak) and from a malicious actor viewpoint (responding to external and internal threat vectors) including defensive cyberintelligence postures.

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