Prospective Grad Students

At Waterloo, we are also always on the lookout for amazing students interested in research-based graduate programs. 

Image not availableWe are a world-class university that is fortunate to attract some of the brightest minds in the country and from around the world. Thus, admission to our graduate programs is highly competitive. But if you have a strong background, and wish to explore a topic that has an applied bent (I tend work less on the theory side and more on the applied science side), please consider Waterloo as one of your choices.

I am no longer taking on new graduate students as I look towards retirement.  Having said this, depending on whether your interests intersect with mine, I might be someone who might joing your MSc or PhD committee.   I'm interested in working with students wishing to explore perplexing cyber issues related to keeping information systems operating in times of stress.  I've become intrigued by incident response and information systems risk assessment - particularly from a public health or crisis/emergency management perspective. (But I'd also be happy to hear from prospective students interested in maritime information security or cyberintelligence which might sound like quite a tangent but I'm discovering these topics have some interesting parallels to existing work and interests.)

I often receive inquires from prospective students who appear not to be familiar with the interests and expertise of our team.  So if you are (for example) a mining engineer with a wonderful list of scientific publications on metalurgical assays and are interested in researching new extraction techniques, my team is not the place for you.  However, if you are a talented prospective student who is anxious to work in the areas described on these web pages, please entice me with why you would be a great grad student to have on our team, and I'd be happy to write back. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

If you want to learn more about the programs with which I'm associated, or to learn more about applying to Waterloo, check out our information for future graduate students in Computer Science or Public Health and Health Systems.