I work in the fields of management and systems assurance (cybersecurity focus) with a particular interest in mission-critical systems such as those used in the health and financial services sectors.  The health angle to my work immerses me in the burgeoning field of public health informatics.

I began my academic career in the University of Waterloo's School of Accounting and Finance where my interest in the design and use of large scale financial systems was nurtured.

I moved to a major business school for 10 years where I contributed to the training of professional accountants while developing my research career and returned to the University of Waterloo in 2004 to take up the JW Graham Chair in Health Information Systems. The chair was named after Professor J Wes Graham who was a founding member of the academic unit that is known today as the David R Cheritan School of Computer Science -- home of the largest concentration of computer science researchers in Canada.

I am jointly appointed to both the School of Public Health Sciences and the Cheriton School of Computer Science.  I am actively involved in knowledge mobilisation and have served as a subject matter expert on national and provincial committees with mandates related to information systems, in governance roles for national and provincial agencies/organisations, as a contributor to commissions and inquiries, and in a central administrative role at Waterloo.  Currently I serve as the Director of the School of Public Health's Professional Practice Centre in Health Systems , am a member of Waterloo's Cybersecurity and Privacy Insitute and am a core member of the CrySP group in the School of Computer Science.

If you are considering the University of Waterloo for your graduate studies, please have a look at My Research to learn a bit more about topic areas that captivate me and my Prospective Grad Students page to learn a how to express your interest in joining us at Waterloo. If you are an agency or government group interested in in partnering with us, or exploring research opportunities, please feel free to reach out using my email below.  (Yup. That's me in the photo in my "other" life in maritime search and rescue.)