Merrin shares research insights with the St. Clair Conservation Authority on BMP Optimization in Agriculture & Drainage


In partnership with The Water Institute and the Essex Region Conservation Authority, Merrin shares research insights on Optimizing Best Management Practices Depending on Where you Farm


Anika Gradflix

2021 University of Waterloo GRADflix People's Choice Winner: Anika Chiang


Highlight Reel 2017-2019

UW Biogeochemistry Lab highlight reel 2017-2019


Mazda AWF

Agricultural Water Futures in Canada: Stressors and Solutions



Merrin shares research insights with Real Agriculture on best management practices to mitigate nutrient losses


Meredith 3MT

2019 University of Waterloo 3MT Finalist: Meredith Marshall



2019 University of Waterloo GRADflix Finalist: Steph Higgins