About Science 2+2

university of waterloo in space

Internationalisation efforts at the University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Science have led to significant educational cooperation with overseas universities. This has taken in the form of a 2+2 collaborative undergraduate program with a number of national universities in the People's Republic of China. Students complete their first two years of university education followed by their third and fourth years of study in Canada. For students participating in the program, course credits are transferred between their home university and the University of Waterloo. Once participating students have met the degree requirements of each university, they earn a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from both their home university and the University of Waterloo. The actual length of study at Waterloo will depend on the number of transfer credits and the number of courses a Participating Student takes each term.

There are numerous program benefits for the participating students:

  1. Students experience a western style of higher education in Canada;
  2. The two year on-campus experience in their home universities increases students chances of successfully completing their studies in Canada;
  3. Students take advantage of both education systems and earn two degrees;
  4. Students are poised to become strong competitors in the international job market;
  5. Two rather than four years spent studying in Canada reduces foreign education expenses by 50-60%, thus western education becomes much more affordable.
  6. Students are better prepared for further study worldwide.

Students interested in joining the program should register on the Information sign-up form and contact the international office of their home university to register.