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Undergraduate program advisors are here to help you manoeuvre your way through your undergraduate career at the University of Waterloo. They can provide course advice, help you plan your future terms and also help you prepare for life after graduation. They are also very aware of other resources to help you become as academically successful as you want to be.
Program Name Email Phone (ext.)

Barb Butler (Biology)

Elisabeth Daub (Chemistry)



›Biology Simon Chuong 32929
›Biomedical Sciences Dragana Miskovic 35330
›Chemistry Carey Bissonnette 32434
Earth Sciences Shaun Frape 36382

Environmental Science (Ecology)

Environmental Science (Geoscience)

Jonathan Witt

Shaun Frape



Materials & Nanosciences

Jan Kycia (Physics)


Psychology Heather Smith 32819
Physics Rohan Jayasundera 32736
Mathematical Physics Richard Epp 37002
Science & Business Kashif Memon 35114