Co-operative Education Council

Chair: Norah McRae, Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education

Secretary: Deb Iler, Executive Assistant, Co-operative  and Experiential Education


Monitor progress related to implementation of CECA review report recommendations, and provide annual report to Senate and the Board of Governors.

Review reports from faculties/departments/schools related to sustainability of co-op plans, ongoing or new.

Identify and assess best practice (at the university and elsewhere) related to co-op education, and highlight opportunities and support needed to enhance co-op at University of Waterloo.

Provide oversight for co-op academic credit courses taken during work terms.

Identify strategies and actions to enhance culture of co-op education within the university, especially for faculty and non-CECA staff.

Advocate and advise related to co-operative education at University of Waterloo.


Co-operative Education Council will consist of the following members:

  1. The associate provost, cooperative & experiential education (chair).
  2. The executive director, Co-operative Education.
  3. The director, career action, Co-operative Education & Experiential Education.
  4. The director, employment relations, Co-operative Education.
  5. The director, student & faculty relations, Co-operative Education.
  6. An associate dean from each faculty.
  7. The vice-president, education, Federation of Students.
  8. A student member from each faculty.
  9. The director, professional development program (non-voting member).
  10. The director, professional development for Engineering (non-voting member).
  11.  The director, Centre for Advancement of Co-operative Education (non-voting member).


  1. Chair of council to be associate provost, cooperative & experiential education.
  2. Council to meet each term in March, June and November.


Date Time Location
Wednesday 24 March 2021 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. TEAMS
Wednesday 23 June 2021 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. TEAMS
Wednesday 24 November 2021 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. TBD