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Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo is a stimulating and expanding department, and consists of sociologists and socio-legal scholars engaging in innovative teaching styles and research programs.

Sociology is the study of social life and the social, economic, and political dynamics and dimensions of social relations and social change.

Legal studies is the study of law which is central to everything we do - how we carry on business, how we treat the environment, how we shape our governments and how we deal with other people.

This website gives an overview of the teaching and research in sociology and legal studies at the University of Waterloo.

  1. Sep. 10, 2020Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Position available - Saint Mary’s University

    Position Available Post-Doctoral Fellowship   

    Location: Department of Sociology and International Development Studies Program, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Please note, work is temporarily remote due to Covid19 related restrictions Duration of Work: 1 year (full-time) Start Date: Oct 1, 2020  Project Title: Violence against women migrants and refugees: Analyzing causes and effective policy response 

  2. June 15, 2020Re-bordering Canada’s privately sponsored refugees during the pandemic: Published in Open Democracy, by Suzan Ilcan

    Re-bordering Canada’s privately sponsored refugees during the pandemic 

    How will sponsored refugees face the challenges of COVID-19 in the face of physical distancing and re-bordering that the pandemic brings with it?

  3. Apr. 29, 2020Congratulations Suzan Ilcan - Recipient of 2020 Arts Award for Excellence in Research

    Suzan Ilcan has been selected to receive a 2020 Arts Award for Excellence in Research.

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