MA Program

The MA is available on a full-time or part-time basis with the options of thesis, major research paper, or the year-long courses-only stream. The MA program takes 3 to 8 full-time academic terms to complete, depending on degree and co-op options pursued.

MA Program Options

  • Courses-only (8 courses over 3 terms/one year)
  • Research paper (6 courses plus 50-70 page research paper over 4 terms)
  • Thesis (4 courses plus 100-150 page thesis over 6 terms)

MA Admission

Applicants to the MA program should have an Honours Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Sociology with at least a B+ (78%) average, although most of our successful applicants have an A- (80-84%).

Sociology MA Handbooks

Sociology MA Coursework Handbook

Sociology MA Major Research Paper Handbook

Sociology MA Thesis Handbook


PhD Program

Our PhD candidates specialize in the following research field including the mastery of relevant theory and methodology:

  • Crime, law, and security
  • Knowledge, education, and digital culture
  • Migration, borders, and transnationalism
  • Social inequality and public policy

The PhD degree requirements include:

  • Five graduate-level one-term courses beyond the MA degree
  • A professional development seminar
  • Two comprehensive exams
  • Dissertation

Full-time students are normally funded for four years to enable them to complete all the requirements for the PhD degree. PhD students also have the option to work on faculty research projects. The PhD program is normally available on a full-time basis only. However, once candidates have completed their residency requirements, they may apply to switch to part-time status.

PhD Admission

Applicants to the PhD program should have an MA degree in Sociology or its equivalent with at least an A- (80-84%) overall average. 

Sociology PhD Handbooks

Sociology PhD Handbook

Sociology Graduate Co-op Handbook 2020

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