Future students

SE2024 student Ryan Dancy will present at the Lunary and Planetary Science Conference in Texas next month, based on his project from EE-584 Spacecraft Design and System Engineering, taken while on exchange at EPFL in Switzerland. This project applies the decision-oriented approach to systems architecture to design a mission concept for an explorer probe to Europa.

Europa is a moon of Jupiter that was discovered by Galileo in 1610, and is known to have water and ice. NASA has existing plans to send a probe to Europa, and this project considered a different point in the design space. 

Ryan has also had three co-op internships in the aerospace field. In summer 2022 he worked on AR/VR applications for lunar rovers at the European Space Agency's European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. He is currently on his second co-op internship at Mission Control in Ottawa, which is on track to be the first company to ever demonstrate deep learning AI software on the moon.


Future undergraduate engineering students are invited to join us for an admissions-focused webinar that will focus on the admissions process and cover topics like how to apply, tips for your Admissions Information Form (AIF), and more!

Our panellists will include our Director/Associate Director of Admissions as well as current students who successfully went through the process themselves.

Waterloo Engineering invites future undergraduate students to join us for an admissions-focused webinar to help determine which engineering program is right for you. The session will feature presentations from current students/program advisors and representatives from our admissions team will also be online to help answer your questions during the live Q&A.