AD-EDI Statement

Anti-racism, decolonization, equity, diversity, and inclusion (AD-EDI)

The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies has a long-standing commitment to anti-racism, decolonization, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Composed of members of equity-seeking groups, we are sensitive to the experiences of historically marginalized communities. We continually strive to increase intercultural awareness and understanding of the experiences of these communities by centering their voices in our work as teachers, researchers, and citizens of the university and the broader community. We look to create welcoming learning environments that are enriched by the diversity of perspectives contributed by all of our students.

Our efforts include a revised curriculum that systematically approaches the study of Spanish and Latin American realities from a decolonial perspective. Our pledge is to individually and collectively represent Spanish and Latin American Studies, the Faculty, and the University with these principles as our guide, and we consider our commitment to these to be an essential part of our ongoing work.