1. Native speakers and students with a knowledge of Spanish not acquired in an academic institution, should contact the Undergraduate Advisor to determine their level of language ability.
  2. Language courses follow a sequence. Moving backwards in language courses is not permitted.
  3. The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies reserves the right to refuse admission to, and/or credit for, any of its language courses to a student who has, in the view of the Department, a level of competence unsuited to that course.
  4. Course descriptions for course numbers with a suffix of “W” are available on the Wilfrid Laurier University website

SPAN 100s

SPAN 101 Introduction to Spanish 1 (Fall (online), Winter)
SPAN 102 Introduction to Spanish 2 (Fall (online), Winter)
SPAN 150 The Hispanic World through Literature and the Arts (Winter)

SPAN 200s

SPAN 201A Intermediate Spanish 1 (Fall (remote))
SPAN 201B Intermediate Spanish 2 (Winter)
SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers (not offered)
SPAN 217 First Nations, Native Americans, Pueblos Originarios (Fall (remote))
SPAN 218 Parallel Revolutions in a Nascent Continent (not offered)
SPAN 220W Topics in Spanish Culture  (not offered)
SPAN 223W Introduction to Spanish Literature (Fall)
SPAN 228 Introduction to Latin American Literature (Winter)
SPAN 260W Hispanic Cultural Representations (not offered)
SPAN 266W Approaches to Literary Texts (Winter)

SPAN 300s

SPAN 301A Spanish in Context 1 (Fall (remote))
SPAN 301B Spanish in Context 2 (Winter)
SPAN 324W A Journey through Multicultural Spain (not offered)

Spanish Art, Music and Media (Fall)

SPAN 326 Theatre of the Spanish Golden Age: Texts and Cultural Contexts (not offered)

Quixotic Adventures: Knights, Damsels and Windmills (Winter)

SPAN 328W Contemporary Hispanic Theatre (not offered)
SPAN 334 Narrating Place and Ethnicity in Nineteenth Century Latin America (not offered)
SPAN 335W Spanish and Latin American Cinema (not offered)
SPAN 344 Special Topics in Hispanic Studies (Winter)
SPAN 345 Directed Studies
SPAN 350 Poetry of the Tango (not offered)
SPAN 366 Aesthetics of Rupture: Latin American Avant-garde Movements (not offered)
SPAN 386 Memory and Performance in Latin American Literature (not offered)
SPAN 387 Gender, Power, and Representations in Latin America (not offered)
SPAN 390 Introduction to Spanish Business Translation (Fall (remote))
SPAN 395 Cultural Dimensions in English/Spanish Literary Translation (not offered)

SPAN 400s

SPAN 400 Memories and Representations: Constructive Truths and Competing Realities (not offered)
SPAN 401W Spanish in Motion (Winter).  Offered alternative years at WLU as SP401.
SPAN 405W Re-Thinking the Female Body in Hispanic Art and Literature (not offered)
SPAN 410 Visual Culture in the Contemporary Hispanic World (Fall (remote))
SPAN 415 The Hispanic Transatlantic (not offered)
SPAN 418 Modernity and the Colonial Encounter in Latin America (not offered)

SPAN 430 

(cross-listed with GSJ 430)

Literary Women in Early Modern Hispanic Culture (not offered)
SPAN 436W Reading Across the Genre Divide (not offered)
SPAN 438W Special Topics (not offered)
SPAN 445 History of the Spanish Language (not offered)
SPAN 446W Love in Medieval Spanish Literature (not offered)
SPAN 450 Theory and Practice of Translation (not offered)
SPAN 451W Stylistics and Professional Writing (Fall)
SPAN 461W Hispanic Linguistics (not offered)
SPAN 465W Social Documentary in the Hispanic World (not offered)
SPAN 466W Subversive Narratives in the Hispanic World (not offered)
SPAN 467W Directed Studies (not offered)
SPAN 490 Advanced Translation (not offered)
SPAN 497 The Novel in Latin America (not offered)
SPAN 498W Literary Adaptation in Hispanic Cinema (not offered)

Courses in Portuguese

PORT 101 Introduction to Portuguese 1 (not offered)
PORT 102 Introduction to Portuguese 2 (not offered)