Teaching and Research

In the area of teaching, the goal of the Department aligns with that of Waterloo’s Faculty of Arts: to help students live a full life by providing a liberal arts education that not only acquaints them with ideas and forces shaping civilization but also develops an ability to think clearly, critically, and creatively. 

Covering a wide range of subjects and approaches, we strive to acquaint the student with the historical forces, various philosophical contributions, and the aesthetic values in art and literature of the Hispanic world.  Indeed, with an emphasis on developing abilities to think clearly, argue cogently, and communicate effectively, Spanish and Latin American Studies reaches the heart of humanity’s desire to live a full life.

A core principle of the Department is also that of knowledge mobilization, of bringing scholarly discovery into the world beyond the academy.  It has always been our belief that we have an obligation to give back to society in every way possible.  One way in which we do so is through extensive service teaching, through educating not only our students, but also large numbers of students from other departments and other faculties at the University.  This service work allows us to contribute to the university’s mission to develop well-rounded and creative thinking individuals in any field of work they ultimately pursue. 

Other aspects of service to the community include our outreach to high schools throughout Ontario and lectures regularly given to organizations such as the Third Age Learning group.