Professor Emeritus

Dr. Antonio Fama joined the Department in 1984 and quickly served the university in many capacities, including a 12 year stint as Departmental Chair.  While carrying these heavy administrative loads, Dr. Fama continued teaching his many language, literature and civilization courses, always with great success.

In the Department, Dr. Fama was loved and admired by students and colleagues alike.  His quiet confidence resonated with his many students, who quickly realized that the knowledge and expertise he was prepared to share with them would help them to overcome any fear or insecurity they may have had when tackling a new literary piece in a language foreign to them.  Whilst doing this, he was also busy making contributions to the world of literary studies.

Over his many years as an academic, he authored two well-respected books of literary criticism, 17 articles in international peer-reviewed journals that were published throughout Europe, North and South America, as well as 4 articles in various international proceedings that appeared in Canada, the United States, Italy and France.

Dr. Fama also found the time to continue his passion for writing Italian fiction.  He published two novels in Italian:  L’oceano nel pozzo (2013), and La Stanza Segreta (2004), as well as one collection of short stories:  Don Gaudenzio e altre storie (1996).  His passion to write and to explore life through literature continues and is flourishing.

University of Waterloo

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