Distinguished Teacher Awards

The Distinguished Teacher Award is approved by the Senate of the University of Waterloo in recognition of the great importance of excellence in teaching at all levels in the University. The award is open to all those who teach students in the University of Waterloo and its federated and affiliated colleges. Recipients are chosen from a Selection Committee of faculty and students. The University honours three Distinguished Teachers each year.

Dr. Monica Leoni, was honoured in 2008 with two prestigious teaching awards: The Distinguished Teacher Award, and The Ontario University Student Teaching Award, presented by the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance to those selected by the students as examples of teaching excellence.

“What I learned in the Spanish program will serve me for the rest of my life.  I loved that the professors cared so much about the students – their genuine interest in our university experience really made the difference.” (Erika Santillana, graduate of 2005)


Associate Professor

Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies

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