Barkley's of Avonmore Bursary

Award type: 
Financial need awards/bursaries
Award description: 

One bursary is awarded annually to a student from a Third World Country. Interested international students must submit a bursary application form.

Value description: 

up to $500

Year One, Year Two, Year Three, Year Four
Open to any program
International/study permit student
Selection process: 
Application required
Application details:
  • Complete the bursary application in Quest.
    • Log into your Quest account.
    • Select the Financial Aid tile and open the bursary application link.
    • You only need to submit one bursary application for the term to be considered for any available bursary funds.
    • If you've already submitted the bursary form this term, that's great - you don't have to reapply. We will consider all eligible applicants for this and other available bursary funds.
  • Student Awards & Financial Aid
    • The Centre, Needles Hall