Calligraphy to Conceptual Art students put their artwork in strategic places around Renison

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You may havthe enemy of art in the absence of limitationse noticed some beautiful artwork suddenly appearing on the windows around Renison over the past couple of weeks. You may have even noticed that the artwork seemed to tie in with where it is located.

According to Professor Soheila Esfahani "in this project, students are creating text based installations around Renison College based on text from literature, advertisement, popular culture, etc. The text can be in any language or pseudo text. Many of the works conceptually respond to where they are located within the college."

calligraphy image student artworkProfessor Esfahani further explains "conceptual art focuses on concepts and ideas rather than aesthetic or material considerations in an art work. Many works of conceptual art manifest as Installation art, which is an artistic genre that challenges the boundaries of traditional art. Language and text was primary concern of first group of Conceptual artists." 

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calligraphy image student artworkcalligraphy image student artwork