Sold out performance of I am Rohingya featured on CBC

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Saturday, ApI am Rohingya, this is our story, this is our stand. young rohingya boy looking directlyril 9, a play by Yusuf Zine, a student of WLU was performed in front of a sell out crowd at the University of Waterloo's Theatre of the Arts. I am Rohingya is based on true stories of Muslims who were forced to flee their home country of Burma in the 1990s and the pain which they continue to endure.

All of the actors in the play base their performance on their own personal story of fleeing their home country giving it a unique authenticity. According to the CBC article "It follows the life experiences of many Rohingya refugees: life in Burma, escape to Bangladesh, and immigration to Canada." 

This event was presented in partnership with a local community charitable organization, Muslim Social Services of KW and Studies in Islam at Renison University College.

Youth put lives on stage in play about Rohingya refugee crisis - CBC article

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