Programs and Courses

Studying within the SI program

  • Students can earn a Minor or Diploma in Studies in Islam.  We offer a number of interdisciplinary opportunities.  We encourage our students to select electives from a variety of fields including Fine Arts, History, Music, Political Science, Religious Studies, Geography, International Development, Mathematics, and Psychology.
  • Our Arabic language program offers a variety of options for non-native speakers interested in learning a new language, whether it be for personal, professional, or academic purposes.  Students can earn a Certificate or Diploma in Arabic Language. 
  • Our students gain a deep understanding of the Arabic language, as well as Islamic history and culture, and contemporary issues facing Muslim peoples.
  • We offer courses in art and visual culture, history, daily life and contemporary issues, theatre, and literature.  Our Arabic language courses are offered at the introductory, intermediate, or advanced level.
  • Arabic language Conversation Circles are held throughout the term allowing students to converse with native Arabic language speakers from Renison's English Language Institute.
  • Our classes are kept small so there are many opportunities to interact on a one-on-one basis with faculty members and other students.