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Programs and Courses

Studying within the SI program

  • Students in any degree program can add a Studies in Islam Minor to their university experience. Students not registered in degree studies may pursue the Diploma in Studies in Islam.  Our Arabic language program offers a variety of options for non-native speakers interested in learning a new language, whether it be for personal, professional, or academic purposes.  You can begin your studies at the beginner or intermediate level after having your Arabic language skills assessed.  You have the opportunity to earn a Level 1 or 2 Certificate in Arabic Language or a Diploma in Arabic Language.
  • Our students gain a deep understanding of the Arabic language, as well as Islamic history and culture, and contemporary issues facing Muslim peoples.
  • We offer courses in art and visual culture, history, daily life and contemporary issues, theatre, and literature.  We also offer Arabic language courses at the introductory, intermediate, or advanced level.
  • Arabic language Conversation Circles are held throughout the term allowing students to converse with native Arabic language speakers from Renison's English Language Institute.
  • Our classes are kept small so there are many opportunities to interact on a one-on-one basis with faculty members and other students.  
  • Students can earn a Minor or Diploma in Studies in Islam.  We offer a number of interdisciplinary opportunities.  We encourage our students to select electives from a variety of fields including Fine Arts, History, Music, Political Science, Religious Studies, Geography, International Development, Mathematics, and Psychology.  Students can also earn a Certificate or Diploma in Arabic Language if they successfully complete the required number of courses and meet the minimum cumulative average.