Curriculum and Classes

General Course Information 

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Specific Course Information 

Arabic Language courses 

Arabic language courses are each 6 weeks in length and are intensive, involving lectures and labs/tutorials each week, plus extra hours for homework.

SI 101R  Introduction to Arabic 1

SI 102R  Introduction to Arabic 2

Language students will participate daily in core classes, which will focus on principle language instruction: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as tutorials and labs each week. Our small class sizes and use of materials developed specifically for an intensive environment will allow attendees to complete a full academic term (0.5 academic credits) of language study.  Language students are expected to have no prior background in Arabic, academic or otherwise, or very little knowledge of the language.

Please note: Current SI 101R students interested in registering for SI 102R in Spring term will need to contact Renison's Registrar's Office so that we can register you manually.  Please email or telephone 519-884-4404 Ext. 28609. 

Arab Culture course

The Arab Culture course will involve instruction each week, plus extra hours for homework.

SI 131R Arab Culture 

Integrating elements of Arab history, geography, language, literature (prose & poetry), art, music, theatre, cinema, politics, press, humour, gender conceptions, dance, fashion, and food, this course seeks to explore Arab culture in its multiple manifestations and in its many varieties.  In doing so, we will rely upon many disciplines, including History, Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, Literary Studies, and Religious Studies, to name a few.  In addition to learning about Arab culture and society, students will be challenged to become more self-reflective about the long Western tradition of manufacturing authoritative representations of Arabs and their cultures as they become exposed to academic discourses about cultural theory, identity and society.