Certificate or Diploma in Arabic Language

Studies in Islam Arabic Language Program

The Arabic Language program offers a variety of options for non native speakers interested in learning a new language for personal, professional, or academic purposes. Students can earn an Arabic language competency certificate and use the Arabic language credit towards the UWaterloo Global Experience Certificate.

SI 101R Introduction to Arabic 1*
SI 102R Introduction to Arabic 2*                                                               SI 120R Literary Arabic for Heritage Speakers**
SI 201R Intermediate Arabic 1*
SI 202R Intermediate Arabic 2*
SI 301R Advanced Arabic 1*
SI 302R Advanced Arabic 2*

*not open to native speakers                                                       **open to native speakers 

For placement at the correct Arabic language course level, students must complete an assessment form.

Certificate in Arabic Language

For students registered in degree programs at the University of Waterloo, two Certificates in Arabic Language are offered: Arabic Language I and Arabic Language II. Students must successfully complete two academic course units (four courses) with a cumulative average of 70% as follows:

Arabic Language I Certificate courses

SI 101RSI 102RSI 201RSI 202R

Arabic Language II Certificate courses

SI 120R OR SI 201RSI 202RSI 301RSI 302R

Students who have completed these courses should request their certificate when completing the Intention to Graduate form. Please note that certificates I and II are mutually exclusive. Only one certificate will be granted.

Diploma in Arabic Language 

Students enrolled in any non or post-degree academic plan may pursue the Diploma in Arabic Language

Global Experience Certificate (GEC)

Students interested in pursuing the University of Waterloo Global Experience Certificate  may use the Arabic language courses for meeting their language prerequisites. For more information, please contact the Student Success Office.