University of Waterloo United Way campaign FAQ

Below is a list of several frequently asked questions. If you have any further inquires please connect with your department area representative or the Campaign Coordinator.

1. How can I get involved? 

There are two ways to get involved with the University of Waterloo's campaign. Learn more about volunteer opportunities

2. What are the guidelines around events with food?

Please visit University of Waterloo's Event Food Safety website for this information.

3. What are the guidelines for lottery events?

We have moved away from the lottery style events (bingo, 50/50 draws) which gives us an opportunity to get creative in our fundraising efforts. Connect with your area representative for more information. 

4. If I donate via payroll, when do the deductions start?

The deductions begin in the new year, after the campaign finishes. For example, for the fall 2019 campaign, deductions will begin January 2020. 

5. How do I make a donation using e-Pledge?

We have laid out step-by-step instructions for using e-Pledge.

6. I don't want to use e-Pledge, how can I donate?

You can still donate by using the paper pledge form.

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