Donation instructions

Thank you for your generosity during these unprecedented times. After logging into your e-pledge account, click “Pledge”. You will then get to select the particular fund(s) or charities you wish to invest your donation in by entering an amount and clicking “Add to Cart”. When you are ready, click on “View Cart” to select your method of payment, indicate gift preferences, review, and confirm.

There are three main methods of payment:

Useful information

  • Do not use the browser’s back and forward buttons. Instead, use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons within the e-Pledge site. Using the browser navigation buttons may accidentally cancel out your donation and you many need to start all over.
  • Tax receipts are mailed during tax time (Jan-Apr) and unless you approve to receive the tax receipt via email, they will be sent to your home address.
  • Before you designate your donation, if you choose to do so, please ensure you know the agency’s Canadian Registered Charitable Number. You will not be able to designate without it and the designation will be void if it is missing.


If you have any questions regarding e-Pledge or your United Way donation, please contact us at