United Way Ambassador Volunteers

United Way volunteers wrapping the UW entrance sign in red

United Way Ambassadors play a key role in the execution of the annual campaign by helping raise awareness about the University's United Way campaign and running the campaign in your own departments.

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Benefits of volunteering as an Ambassador

  • Give back and support your community
  • Opportunity to connect with colleagues across campus
  • Chance to develop new skills
  • Excellent feature for your performance evaluation

Volunteer requirements

  • Be a positive supporter of the University of Waterloo’s United Way campaign
  • Be a member of the University of Waterloo community
  • Have some flexibility in work schedule during the Fall term
  • Possess or have a desire to build strong communication and team-building skills

Roles and responsibilities

Learning & Inspiration

  • Watch the United Way Ambassador Training Video (sent to you prior to the campaign launch) to learn more about community issues, United Way, and how to be a great volunteer
  • Attend the United Way Kick-Off meeting to get inspired for the campaign, learn more about United Way and its impact for our community

Awareness Building

  • GO RED & decorate your office space or your home office for the October campaign
  • Make your colleagues aware that it is United Way campaign time: share it via email, at a department meeting etc.
  • Run an event (or team up with other Ambassadors) to raise money and awareness about the University of Waterloo's United Way campaign

Information Sharing

  • Share information with your colleagues about the United Way campaign, how to donate and what events are happening on campus
  • Know where to refer your colleagues if they have questions about United Way or the University's campaign
  • Ensure that campaign materials are visible and accessible for the campaign period (October 1 - 31)

Time commitment

10 - 15 hours total

  • Watch the United Way Ambassador Training Video mid-September (30 minutes max.)
  • Attend the United Way Kick-Off meeting in September (30 to 60 minutes)
  • Awareness building and information sharing during the active campaign period of October 1 - 31 (5 - 10 hours)
  • Planning events and fundraisers within your department for the campaign (2-5 hours)
  • Report back to our Campaign Coordinator on any campaign event funds raised, send pictures and stories of how your department got involved (1 hour)


The UWaterloo United Way Campaign is made possible by a large number of volunteers. Our Ambassadors are listed below. 

First name Last name Email Department/Unit
Colin Jones cjones@uwaterloo.ca Centre for Extended Learning
Hannah Sesink hsesink@uwaterloo.ca WATPD
Karen Dubois karen.dubois@uwaterloo.ca Dean of Engineering Office
Sarah Martin s3martin@uwaterloo.ca Library
Stefaniada Voichita svoichit@uwaterloo.ca Library
Christina Yee ccyee@uwaterloo.ca Office of Research
Megan Hannath megan.hannath@uwaterloo.ca Advancement


Hyde j2hyde@uwaterloo.ca Plant Operations
Carrie Jenks carrie.jenks@uwaterloo.ca President's Office
Rodrigo Pereira rcurtype@uwaterloo.ca Faculty of Environment
Cate Perschonke cate.perschonke@uwaterloo.ca Dean of Engineering Office
Kristen Deckert kdeckert@uwaterloo.ca Arts Undergrad Office
Georgia Graves georgia.graves@uwaterloo.ca Engineering Outreach
Palak Chauhan p2chauha@uwaterloo.ca IST
Gabrielle McInnis gmmcinni@uwaterloo.ca Dean of Health Office
Emily Watson e7watson@uwaterloo.ca Recreation and Leisure Studies
Heather Marshall h2marsha@uwaterloo.ca Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Mary Casement mary.casement@uwaterloo.ca Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Sharon Lamont sharon.lamont@uwaterloo.ca Retiree Association
Alicia Narain agnarain@uwaterloo.ca Print and Retail Solutions
Gerry Brummelhuis gbrummelhuis@uwaterloo.ca Print and Retail Solutions
Carly Richardson carly.richardson@uwaterloo.ca Staff Association
Roly Webster roly.webster@uwaterloo.ca Athletics & Recreation
Shakthi Balakrishnan s25balak@uwaterloo.ca Accounting and Financial Management
Terri Rau terri.rau@uwaterloo.ca Legal and Immigration Services
Merochini Manohar m7manoha@uwaterloo.ca Health
Dhaval Kakadiya dskakadi@uwaterloo.ca Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Laura Jacob laura.jacob@uwaterloo.ca Co-operative and Experiental Education
Jennifer Fatt jcfatt@uwaterloo.ca Environment
Agosh Saini as7saini@uwaterloo.ca Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Kiara Binu kiarabinu.08@gmail.com GBDA student
Vickie Groh vgroh@uwaterloo.ca Co-operative and Experiential Education 
Keerthi Ramayanam kmramayanam@uwaterloo.ca Electrical and Computing Engineering
Melissa Prospero melissa.prospero@uwaterloo.ca Co-operative and Experiential Education
Jahnvi Dave jgdave@uwaterloo.ca Electrical and Computing Engineering
Sarah Shahid s37shahi@uwaterloo.ca Psychology
Roland Lynn r2lynn@uwaterloo.ca Food Services
Jennifer McCraig jmccaig@uwaterloo.ca Arts Advancement
A-Reum Kim a78kim@uwaterloo.ca Chemical Engineering
Amanda Rivera a3rivera@uwaterloo.ca Arts
Emily Burgess emily.burgess@uwaterloo.ca Co-operaive and Experiental Education
Emily Ysselstein egysselstein@uwaterloo.ca Athletcis and Recreation
Meryl Norris manorris@uwaterloo.ca Student Success Office
Jenny Rothwell jrothwell@uwaterloo.ca School of Accounting and Finance
Keira So keira.so@uwaterloo.ca School of Accounting and Finance
Cheryl Newton cheryl.newton@uwaterloo.ca Chemical Engineering

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