Call for proposals: research grants

The University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance (UWCISA) invites applications for research projects. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • cybersecurity
  • data/information integrity
  • blockchain and crypto assets
  • audit automation
  • system and organization controls (SOC)
  • IT governance and IS quality (relevance & reliability)
  • algorithm/software certification
  • continuous process monitoring
  • or other areas of interest to the ISA community.

The maximum award is $10,000 per project, although matching grants from other sources would be considered.

Features of the program are as follows.

Purpose and scope

The purpose of these grants is to encourage research in information systems assurance.


The committee favours applications by academics involved in information systems assurance education and research activities. However, proposals by practitioners will be considered.

Guidelines for preparing proposals

Proposal contents

The following information should be included in the proposal:

  • curriculum vitae with office and home addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of all joint applicants;
  • project title, date submitted, and authors' names and affiliations;
  • objectives, purpose, and significance of the proposed work and its relationship to existing research in this area;
  • research plan, including the steps to be taken, methods to be employed in conducting the research, and data sources (if any);
  • timetable, including major time commitments (teaching, research, and administration) during the period of the proposed research;
  • detailed budget, including estimated costs and stipends (unusual items and stipends (course release) must be specifically justified; inadequate justification may result in reduction of the amount of the award);
  • previous experience in the area of research (although the proposal should stand on its own, copies of a small number of relevant articles or working papers may be submitted);
  • other funding obtained or applied for (must be included if you have submitted, or intend to submit, the proposal to other funding agencies).

Applications involving experimentation on human subjects should be accompanied by letters of approval from the committees on research on human subjects at the institution of each applicant (and if such approval is not required by the applicant's institution, a statement to that effect must be included in the application).

Eligible costs

The grant may cover the following costs:

  • payment to research assistants for tasks defined in the project's budget;
  • purchase or rental of special data sets, software, and so on;
  • transportation and subsistence costs for data gathering, developing research arrangements, and so on;
  • telephone, postage, photocopying, typing, and so on; and
  • course release (teaching buyout), particularly where full-time involvement in the project requires the researcher(s) to forgo other income (for example, from summer teaching and research leave); Applications for course release should include a statement by a university authority (normally a faculty dean or department chair) that the course release will be permitted;
  • the grant may also cover other costs. However, the committee's policy is to not pay overhead or administration fees for the grant recipients' institutions. Normally, payment of funds will be made to the recipients' institutions.

The UWCISA board or its delegates will evaluate proposals received and make a decision concerning suitability, including the amount of funding. Successful applicants will be notified soon after.

Payment will not be made until the director of the UWCISA receives letters of approval from the committees for research on human subjects (where applicable).

All decisions of the UWCISA are final.

Successful applicants will be expected to update the UWCISA about their progress periodically during the grant period.

To apply

To apply, send an electronic copy of the proposal to the director of the UWCISA: