This site provides a variety of resources for ISA researchers, practitioners and students. The resources include:

Recent publications by UWCISA members

            Louise Hayes, University of Guelph, and J. Efrim Boritz

            Michael Dong, Missouri State University, Theophanis C. Stratopoulos, and Victor Xiaoqi Wang,

            California State University Long Beach

            Tim Bauer, Efrim Boritz, Krista Fiolleau, Bradley Pomeroy, Adam Vitalis, and Pei Wang

            J. Efrim Boritz and Theophanis C. Stratopoulos

            J. Efrim Boritz

            J. Efrim Boritz

            J. Efrim Boritz and Malik Datardina, Auvenir


            Tobii Pro Resources

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