Welcome to the Office of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the cornerstone of research, teaching, and learning. Integrity is a core value at the University of Waterloo. All members of the University community are expected to demonstrate integrity. 

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Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is a black box to most of us. Since November 2022 it has been making headlines and challenging instructors and students to consider how it can be used in academia and when it’s appropriate.

While people would like a hard and fast rule to attach to the use of GenAI – this is easier said than done. Making a strict rule can be detrimental, especially when this technology is evolving so quickly.

For students and instructors who are wondering where the line should be drawn for using GenAI in the completion of assessments, the answer is simple. Assessments must be, and have always been required to be, the students own work.

Check out the full piece: Wrestling with a giant: how GenAI is impacting academia at Waterloo in the Daily Bulletin to review what is your own work and how to use GenAI ethically. 

Academic Integrity 101 is a set of modules for undergraduate students that provides information about academic expectations at the University of Waterloo and highlights ways to maintain academic integrity. The four modules include topics such as citation and paraphrasing practice, strategies to avoid academic misconduct, and exploring campus support services. Enrollment in Academic Integrity 101 is voluntary; however, instructors may recommend the workshop to students who require guidance in this area.