Please note that effective December 7 2020, the Quality Council's Quality Assurance Framework and Guide will be unavailable due to planned maintenance. A PDF version is available from the QC in the meantime. Should you have any questions about where to find relevant resources or information in the Framework or Guide, please contact Amanda McKenzie

Cyclical Program Reviews

At University of Waterloo, the fundamental purposes of the cyclical program review process are to help:

  1. Each program to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of academic excellence, through systematically reflecting on its strengths and weaknesses, and looking forward to determine what actions would further enhance quality in the program;
  2. Assess the quality of the program relative to counterpart programs in Ontario, Canada and internationally, and

  3. Meet public accountability expectations through a credible, transparent, and action-oriented review process.

Schedule of Cyclical Reviews

The Cyclical Program Review Schedule for graduate and undergraduate academic program reviews is based on a seven-year cycle. Programs will be notified of an upcoming review by the Quality Assurance (QA) Office. An orientation presentation, followed by a series of workshops, is held in the spring of each year to review the processes and timelines for upcoming cyclical program reviews.

The University of Waterloo encourages units to undertake combined undergraduate and graduate reviews (i.e., augmented reviews) where possible. Augmented reviews can be more efficient and also have academic merit, since there are frequently interactions between the undergraduate and graduate programs. Academic programs that are not currently reviewed together, but would like to propose an augmented review, should indicate their intention to the Quality Assurance Office as soon as possible. 

Review Process

Cyclical Program Review Orientation

  • June 17 - 2:00-3:30pm

Workshops, including Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Mapping, Surveying and Student/Alumni Engagement in Program Reviews, and Getting Started: The Self-Study 

  • September 24 - 1:00-4:00pm