AEMS Logo designed by Architectural Engineering student - Mapendo Ngilinga De Carvalho


With so much of today's design occurring digitally, it makes sense to have tools that can take information directly from the computer and turn it into a real object. The Architectural Engineering Maker Space, or AEMS, is a space built to do just that. Equipped with laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machines and more, AEMS offers a diverse range of high-end digital fabrication equipment.

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Getting Started

Each major piece of equipment in AEMS has its own set of training and scheduling procedures, see the Equipment sections below for more information. Please note that while AEMS is open to anyone in the University, students in the Architectural Engineering program have priority access. In addition to this, all work performed in AEMS must be academic or work related, and all users must perform safety training before they can use the facility.

We are open from 9:00am until 4:00pm excluding the lunch hour (12:00pm-1:00pm) Monday through Friday. Bookings are expected to be prepaid, no scheduling will be done without payment. We’re located on the ground floor of Carl Pollock Hall in Room 1320.

Equipment in the Maker Space