Future Ready Talent Framework 

The world of work is rapidly changing – how can you prepare for an unknown future? We talk to Anne-Marie Fannon, director of Waterloo’s Work-Learn Institute, about the Future Ready Talent Framework. Hear about the competencies needed to adapt to constant change, and how the Future Ready Talent Framework can support students, employers and post-secondary educators in developing the lifelong learning skills needed for the future of work. 



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(0:43) What does the future of work look like? 

(2:38) What characteristics are needed in a post-pandemic workforce? 

(5:24) How can we stay current when everything is constantly changing? 

(6:35) Introducing the Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF) 

(7:12) How was the Future Ready Talent Framework developed? 

(9:20) What competencies are needed to get future-ready? 

(11:10) How can the FRTF help employers? 

(12:13) How can employers support self-development? 

(13:02) Incorporating the FRTF into post-secondary education 

(14:25) The FRTF as a tool for career and academic advisors 

(15:03) Role of the FRTF in work-integrated learning  

(15:57) How are we using the FRTF to future proof Co-operative and Experiential Education at Waterloo? 

(16:59) The FRTF as a tool for developing lifelong learners 

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Anne-Marie Fannon

Anne-Marie Fannon

Director, Work-Learn Institute

Anne-Marie Fannon is the director of the Work-Learn Institute. In this role, she sets the research and innovation agenda for the Work-Learn team. Anne-Marie is passionate about leveraging Work-Learn’s research insights to inform the practice and pedagogy of WIL. For the last ten years, Anne-Marie was director of Work-Integrated Learning Programs at the University of Waterloo. In this role, she oversaw the development and delivery of curriculum that supported students in a variety of work-integrated learning opportunities including the new (WE) Accelerate program, the EDGE program and the WatPD courses.  

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