Biomedical engineering student wins top co-op award

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A third-year biomedical engineering student who learned Portuguese during a work term has been named one of the University of Waterloo’s top co-op students for 2017.

Vincent Shadbolt, who lists involvement with the Waterloo Dragon Boat Team as one of his interests, got the nod for the Faculty of Engineering for his contributions to his employer, his community and the development of co-operative education.

Vincent Shadbolt

Vincent Shadbolt, who is in his third year of the biomedical engineering program, is one of the University of Waterloo's top co-op students for 2017.

While working for Motorola Mobility (a Lenovo Company) for eight months, he managed all software and hardware launches for devices across Canada, and collaborated with the company’s Chinese and Brazilian teams, a role that involved him learning Portuguese to help bridge a communications gap.

“The concept of designing, fabricating and implementing an idea to help improve lives, to me, is making solid contributions to medicine,” Shadbolt wrote on his LinkedIn profile. “What biomedical engineers do directly impacts someone’s life for the better, which inspires me.” [Read more]

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