Biomedical Engineering - Fall 2022 

Class Schedule (PDF)
1A  BME 1A

Schedules for Systems Design Engineering (SYDE) students are available on the SYDE program website


  • Grades will begin to appear on Quest midway through the final month of the term. Your academic standing for the next term will not become official until the middle of the first month of the term. 

  • If you have questions/concerns about your marks, you can reach out to the instructor directly. 

  • If you have questions about how to clear a failure, please contact your Undergraduate Coordinator to review your options. 

Promotion rules 

  • If your term average is 60% or over, you can be promoted to the next academic term as long as you have not accumulated 3 or more failures. 
  • If you do fail a course, you can still be promoted to the next term if your term average is over 60%. You will need to clear the failure before you can graduate. Contact your Undergraduate Coordinator to discuss options. 
  • View the full list of academic decisions and promotions

Spring 2022 co-op work term 

  • The regular start date for the Spring co-op work term is Monday, May 2. Confirm your first day of work with your employer directly. 

  • If you are still searching for a co-op job, do not give up! Co-operative education has extended some of the accommodations and flexibility around workplaces, positions and rates of pay. Reach out to faculty members to see if they may have positions available in their labs. Contact your co-op advisorto review options that can help you complete your work term and maintain your degree requirements. 

Spring 2022 enrolment 

You can add, drop or swap courses for the Spring 2022 term until Friday, May 20. You should be able to enroll in your electives yourself on Quest unless there is an issue with the course. In that case, you probably need the instructor to grant you permission to take the class and submit their approval with a Course Override form to your Undergraduate Coordinator for processing. 

Course Waitlists 

The Department of Systems Design Engineering manages course waitlists for SYDE and BME courses that are expected to reach capacity during the add/drop period. 

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