Biomedical Engineering (BME) students participate in co-operative education (co-op) as part of their degree requirements. Co-op is a competitive job search process where students alternate between academic study terms and paid work experiences. While on a co-op work term, students take an online professional development course from WatPD-Engineering. Students are also required to complete a work term report by the end of each term. If you have questions about applying for your jobs or concerns about your work term, contact Co-operative Education.

Academic and Work Term Sequence 

The BME program begins with two consecutive study terms in the first year (stream 8) and complete two consecutive work terms in the fourth year, followed by their final two study terms. The typical BME sequence is described in the chart below: 

Year Term Biomedical
1 Fall Study Term 1A
Winter Study Term 1B
Spring Co-op Term 1
2 Fall Study Term 2A
Winter Co-op Term 2
Spring Study Term 2B
3 Fall Co-op Term 3
Winter Study Term 3A
Spring Co-op Term 4
4 Fall Study Term 3B
Winter Co-op Term 5
Spring Co-op Term 6
5 Fall Study Term 4A
Winter Study Term 4B