Christopher Macartney, a fourth-year biomedical engineering student, is an ardent runner. He also has begun establishing the Macartney Foundation, which raises awareness and funds for mental health research. 

On March 30, the foundation’s inaugural Run for Mental Health kicked off on the University of Waterloo campus with 39 runners. The event raised $2,943 to be donated to The Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research in Ottawa. 

The Macartney Foundation raises awareness and funds by selling branded merchandise such as hats, patches and pins that inspire conversation. The prominent display of the foundation’s logo prompts people to check in with the wearer, fostering a culture of support and awareness. 

“This approach means the wearer is silently communicating their status without having to give any details,” says Macartney. “And opens up the opportunity for a compassionate conversation.” 

The run was supported by external donors and the Macartney Foundation, which donated $5 for each 2-kilometer lap a completed, for a total of 220 laps. Christopher’s fellow classmates, students across campus, and our very own Maud Gorbet, Professor and Biomedical Engineering Program Director, were among the participants. Merchandise sold on the day added to the funds raised by the run. Macartney runs a tight ship and once advertising and product costs are covered, every dollar raised goes to the chosen charity. 

 Visit the Macartney Foundation for more about its future initiatives and available merchandise. 
Run for Mental Health 2

We live in a society where superficial interactions often prevail. My hope is that the Macartney Foundation logo will become a recognizable symbol, encouraging friends, family, even strangers to ask a simple "how are you" and help us regain our spirit of community and support.

Christopher Macartney (BME '24)