To Be Honest

When: Thursday, September 1st, 2022 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm 

Where: University of Waterloo, Physical Activities Complex (PAC) Gymnasium

We look forward to your attendance and feedback to the premiere performance of 'TBH: To Be Honest’. We welcome University of Waterloo staff, faculty and students, family and friends, and community partners. This premiere performance is open to all! No registration required. 


The newly developed TBH: To Be Honest’ student orientation play follows students though a ‘year at a glance’ and includes issues such as homesickness, consent, academic integrity, imposter syndrome, and features many supports for students.

TBH: To Be Honest’ is an uplifting and welcoming experience for students, and has a strong theme to build connections and develop resiliency while attending university. 

If music by artists like Shawn Mendes, Panic! At The Disco, and Lizzo is your thing, you'll want to see it! This 60-minute show is sure to provide some of the ins and outs of student life at the University of Waterloo. TBH … you won’t want to miss it!!!