CIW Engagement

Engage Nova Scotia blue and green circular logoEngage Nova Scotia (ENS) is a not-for-profit organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who is fostering a network of change-makers in Nova Scotia. ENS and a collaborative of government, business, institutions (including Nova Scotia Community College), the voluntary sector and engaged citizens have spearheaded a massive effort to research and improve the quality of life of all Nova Scotians. Known as the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Initiative, in partnership with the CIW, it released a Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index Report in 2018 and is currently working with the CIW in 2019 on a province-wide Nova Scotia Community Wellbeing Survey

The Nova Scotia Quality of Life Initiative

Nova Scotia Quality of Life initative LogoThe Nova Scotia Quality of Life Initiative was launched by ENS to advance a shared framework for measuring and improving the daily lives of everyday Nova Scotians (1). It is hoped that The Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index Report published in 2018 and the subsequent reports produced from the results of the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Survey in 2019 will offer new perspectives and prompt action to improve the overall wellbeing of all residents of Nova Scotia, across economic, environmental, and cultural lines. 

The Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index Report

Quality Of LIfe INdex report front page with child riding on sledRead The Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index Report (PDF) 

"The Nova Scotia Quality of Life Index – based on the Canadian Index of Wellbeing – assembles 21 years of data for 60 of the 64 original indicators in eight domains of quality of life to offer a high-level view of how Nova Scotians are really doing. It identifes trends and compares them to results for Canada overall. It explores strengths and challenges within each domain."(2) 

Read about the Index Report Methodology

Learn more about the Eight Domains of Wellbeing

The Nova Scotia Quality of Life Survey

Quality of life survey lol cartoong raphic with letters in mailboxFrom May to July 2019, over 80,000 households across Nova Scotia received invitiations to complete the CIW Community Wellbeing Survey. The survey includes focused questions in the CIW's eight defined domains of wellbeing and will help measure quality of life in communities across the province. The CIW is preparing reports outlining the results of this survey; the first report scheduled for release in late 2019. The results of the survey will be used by ENS and others to facilitate conversations aimed at developing innovative solutions to pressing challenges that affect quality of life at both the local community and provincial levels.

Community Outreach

Engage Nova Scotia stepped out of the office to speak with locals and find out why they are excited about the Quality of Life Initative and what "wellbeing" means to them: