Meg Holden

Research Associate

Urban Studies and Geography, Simon Fraser University

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Dr. Holden’s published research crosses urban, social and environmental domains, with a pragmatist bent that entails a focus on action research and policy and planning engagement. Dr. Holden works in the service of more sustainable and just cities, in Canada and around the world. Current research projects include Ecourbanism Worldwide, a look into the difference that model sustainable urban neighbourhoods make to urban life and wellbeing, the Getting to Groundbreaking project on the residential approvals process in Vancouver region municipalities, and Rethinking Infill on the neighbourhood and ecological optics of infill urban development. Meg directs the Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory and is an editorial board member of the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life and the city section editor of the Encyclopedia of Social Theory.

Selected publications 

Holden, M., Li, C., & Molina, A. (2015). The emergence and spread of eco-urban developments around the world. Sustainability Journal, 7(9), 11418-11437. 

Holden, M., & Scerri, A. (2012). More than this: Liveable Melbourne meets liveable Vancouver. Cities, 31, 444-453.

Holden, M. (2012). Urban policy engagement with social sustainability in metro Vancouver. Urban Studies, 49(3), 636-651.

Holden, M (2006). Urban indicators and the integrative ideals of cities. Cities, 23(3), 170 -183.

Holden, M., & Mochrie, C. (2006). The Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory (RVu): counting on Vancouver, “our view” of the region. Vancouver: Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory.