Career leaders are a team of University of Waterloo undergraduate and graduate students who provide one-on-one supports through same day, 20-minute drop-in sessions. These drop-ins cover multiple topics including résumés, cover letters, interviews, work search and further education. Registration for all drop-ins begins at 8:00 a.m. daily. 

Meet our career leaders

What do you love about being a career leader?

"The career leader program has taught me invaluable skills that I use in my professional career and my everyday life. The amazing people I work with are collaborative, supportive, and act as mentors by sharing their knowledge. Being a career leader has truly been an enriching experience!"Celina Deosaran, past career leader

“Working as a career leader has been extremely rewarding, especially as a Masters student looking to combine theoretical study with practical experience within the university setting. Through working with students to improve their résumés, cover letters and interview skills, I’ve gained valuable advising experience and have even improved my own self-marketing techniques! I have no doubt that my time spent as a career leader will be invaluable to my career post-graduation, and has given me the tools to “leverage” what I have learned in class in a more practical way. I encourage all those who are looking for part-time work and interested in helping other students succeed to consider lending their talents to the Centre for Career Development - you won’t regret it!”Justine Fifield, past career leader

"Being a career leader is a great experience. It provides you with the opportunity to meet and individually help fellow students from the university, as well as become more adaptive and quick-thinking. Due to the fast-paced nature of the drop-in sessions, you learn how to quickly prioritize issues as you aim to give students the best possible advice in a short amount of time. As a result, not only do the students walk away better equipped to take-on co-op and job applications, you also take away valuable skills that can make your own work habits more productive and future job applications more impressive." – K. Yourie Kim, past career leader

As a career leader, I had found my passion for helping students. I loved helping them discover more about their skillset, about things that make them unique, and how we can transcribe that all onto paper for others to see. It’s fulfilling to see them leave with more self-confidence and new approaches that they didn’t consider before. I feel humbled to have been a stop on their road to learning and self-discovery!” – Katie Lien, past career leader

“Through this role, I have solidified my own strengths and career direction by having the chance to practice as a helper. I continue to learn skills at the CCD around time management, listening and navigating how to best assist the students. Additionally, I have learned communication skills by carefully directing students to the various CCD resources available to them. I have found my experience as career leader invaluable. I enjoy interacting with students and additionally, my fellow Career Leaders, who are an admirable bunch of scholars in various disciplines and stages of life.” Sarah Manninen, current career leader

“I really enjoy the one-on-one interaction with students. In particular, I like helping students identify skills and abilities that they weren’t able to see or express before seeking advice, and, while the process of uncovering those skills can be difficult, when a student understands a new framework for expressing their unique set of gifts, I am glad to have been a part of their learning.”David Thiessen, past career leader