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Associate Vice-President, International


The Associate Vice-President, International is a member of the senior leadership team of the Vice-President, Research and International, is a member of Executive Council, leads Waterloo International, and plays an important role in enhancing international collaborations and international opportunities for faculty, staff and students.  With a team of 15 staff in Waterloo International, key responsibilities of the position include: 


  • supporting implementation of the University’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and Waterloo at 100’s strategic objectives from an international perspective 

  • providing and implementing a high-level vision for international partnerships that will enhance the University’s standing on a global scale and grow opportunities for Waterloo’s members 

  • raising the profile of internationalization in key areas of strategic importance to the University through, for example, inbound delegations, outbound executive travel, and worldwide presence more broadly 

  • developing metrics for the achievement of goals set out in Waterloo International’s Objectives, Activities and Milestones plan 

  • enhancing the Institution’s reputation in key research areas of relevance to global stakeholders  

  • promoting and facilitating collaborative internal networking with respect to internationalization objectives and opportunities 

  • supporting opportunities for University of Waterloo students to become global citizens through International experiences 


  • stewarding (negotiating, agreeing, and implementing) international agreements 

  • managing the International Travel Safety and Security portfolio 

  • hosting inbound international delegations  

  • supporting outbound executive travel  

  • coordinating international initiatives that involve multiple campus units 

  • managing international issues and leading special projects that arise  



The desired candidate, an experienced, visionary leader who will build on the strengths of the University to develop a compelling vision for the future of internationalization at Waterloo, will have some or all of the following skills and experiences and will inspire a remarkable Waterloo International team: 

  • Experience in developing strategic, international partnerships  

  • Dedicated to serving diverse communities and to advancing Waterloo’s international strategy and deepening our partnership relationships and global experiences for learning and research 

  • Experience in international development 

  • Exceptional communicator 

  • Strong interpersonal skills to establish and maintain professional, collaborative working relationships with widely diverse groups including faculty, executive management, senior academic and administrative officers, and government officials and to lead teams and foster their growth 

  • The ability to support the integration and excellence of internationalization through a whole-of-university approach while supporting the diverse mission and practices of the University 

  • Experience in staff management 

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.