Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

Our centre and participants

The Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) is a dynamic space on the University of Waterloo campus, home to peace-oriented innovators, and established organizations from the region's vibrant peacebuilding field. The common goal of advancing peace collaboratively and creatively is the lifeblood of the CPA’s unique working community. The Centre stands as a bridge between campus and community, academics and practice, and faith and justice.

Our ecosystem

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is a leading hub for innovation on a national and global scale. The University of Waterloo has been rated Canada’s most innovative university for 27 years running, operates the world’s largest co-operative education program, and now supports a wide array of student entrepreneurship opportunities. In addition to being the home of countless cutting-edge tech companies, our surrounding community has nurtured significant social innovations in areas such as restorative justice, poverty alleviation, and refugee resettlement.

  1. Dec. 13, 2018Engaging our communities to advance peaceStudents speaking with Core Collaborator representative at the Opportunities Fair

    As 2018 comes to a close, we reflect on the ways Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) participants have been building peace throughout the year. This year, as CPA participants shared their stories of activity and impact, a trend emerged.

  2. Nov. 29, 2018Demine Robotics: A Year in ReviewRichard Yim showing the Cambodian Prime Minister Demine's excavator

    Demine Robotics: A Year in Review 

  3. Nov. 21, 2018MEDAx and beyond...creating pathways for future innovatorsPitch finalists from MEDAx $5K pitch competition

    How do we foster a future of innovators eager to create social impact and build peace?

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  1. Jan. 17, 2019Launch Reception for "Gichitwaawizi'igewin: Honouring"

    Join us for a reception celebrating the next Grebel Gallery exhibit, "Gichitwaawizi'igewin: Honouring". In this exhibit, artist Catherine Dallaire re-examines the original indigenous values in animals and plant life that are vilified by contemporary Western settler culture.

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